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Traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) is all of the knowledge, skills and practices used for the maintenance of health, such as the prevention of physical and mental diseases, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Cupping therapy or Hijama is a form of treatment practiced today within the scope of Alternative Medicine practices and left to us as the sunnah of our Prophet (saas). Hijama, which is a method of blood collection with special vacuum cups, is the removal of toxins created in the body that cannot be eliminated from the blood circulation by means of vacuuming method.  


  • Hijama regulates blood production.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It helps to remove toxins from tissues and blood.
  • It opens the blockages in the capillaries.
  • It dissolves edema and stiffness in the muscles.
  • It helps in the treatment of psychological and nervous diseases.
  • The blood flow in the area where the cupping is applied is revitalized, so oxygen and nutrients reach these areas more easily.
  • It stimulates organs such as the liver, bone marrow and spleen responsible for blood production.
  • When toxins accumulated in certain parts of the body due to various reasons are eliminated, the bio-electrical energy and aura of the body intensify. This means less sleep and a more vigorous life.
  • It helps in the treatment of diseases of the liver and spleen.
  • It gives resistance to the body.
  • Among the benefits of hijama are the relief of pain due to calcifications, low back pain, headache, joint pain, and pain due to neck and lumbar hernia.
  • Hijama increases flexibility in muscle and connective tissue.
  • Hijama relaxes the muscles and prevents cramps and seizures.
  • It lowers high blood pressure.
  • Hijama restores weakened organ functions.
  • Hijama accelerates the healing of wounds and ulcers.
  • Hijama cleans the veins and lowers high cholesterol levels.
  • Hijama prevents damage associated with liver diseases.
  • Hijama prevents vascular occlusion and opens clogged veins.
  • Hijama is used in the treatment of problems such as infertility, reproductive problems and loss of libido.
  • Hijama relieves the joints and muscles and relieves the pain in these areas.