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Things to consider when doing hair transplantation


Which technique is more successful in hair transplantation? What is the most important procedure that determines the success of a natural-looking hair transplant operation? What is the FUE Technique?

Which technique is more successful in hair transplantation?


DHI Technique
Icegraft Technique
Unshaven hair transplant technique
Micro Fue
Sapphire Fue Technique


There are many confusing techniques for hair transplantation. The common aspect of these techniques, each of which has different advantages, is personalized planning. Whatever technique is used without personal planning, the results will be unsuccessful. There is no standard hair transplant technique. Because, different plans should be made according to the root hair area, hair fiber structure, shedding area, expectation and hair transplant needs of everyone.

What is the most important procedure that determines the success of a natural-looking hair transplant operation?

Designing the hairline suitable for the face shape and head structure of the person plays an important role in obtaining natural results as well as the transplantation technique. The head anatomy of the person to be transplanted plays an important role in determining this line. The final decision for the prepared drawings is taken together with the patient. For this reason, no results other than expectations occur. It is quite easy to catch this with the Sapphire Fue technique.


What are the advantages that distinguish the Sapphire Fue Technique from other techniques?

Since sapphire is a natural element, it causes less damage to the skin. Therefore, the recovery rate of hair transplantation is much faster than other techniques. The second important advantage of the Sapphire Fue Technique is that since the hair follicles are planted at right angles, it creates an ideal image, preventing them from changing direction, resulting in natural results.


What should I pay attention to in the process after hair transplantation?

What to do in the first 10 days of hair transplantation is the most important part of the process after transplantation. It is very important in this process not to get any blows to the hair transplant area. Special care shampoos and washing lotions that will be recommended after the procedure must be used. It should be used carefully and carefully in order to ensure hygiene, accelerate healing and prevent damage to hair follicles.

How long after the procedure will my hair regrow?

Within 1-2 days immediately after the procedure, the person can return to work life and family life immediately. Within 10 days, the tiny crusts formed in the planting area begin to fall off gradually. Depending on the person, new hair starts to grow around 3-4 months. This is the ideal hair transplant process.

Are there any supportive treatments to increase the success of hair transplantation?

The most important supportive treatment after hair transplantation is the PRP procedure. The PRP process is a serum obtained as a result of enriching the platelets obtained from the person’s own blood. It is possible to nourish and repair hair follicles and PRP treatment.


How long should I continue PRP treatment?

PRP treatment is an effective and natural treatment method based on scientific evidence, recommended for 1 month after hair transplantation. The method is used not only for hair treatments, but also for the treatment of many organs and areas of the body. The procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, can be planned for 3-6 sessions at 1-month intervals according to the patient’s needs.


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