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Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgical operation performed to restore and replace shed or thinned hair. Hair follicles collected from the hair area are used for the repair/plantation of missing eyebrows, beards and mustaches.

Therefore, eyebrow, beard and mustache transplantation are also included in the definition of hair transplantation. With the hair transplantation technique, the regeneration of your shed and thinned hair gives a natural and tightened hair appearance. Compared to many other aesthetic operations, hair transplant operation is a simpler, less wearisome procedure with a more comfortable recovery process.

As a general definition, hair transplantation is the transfer of shedding-resistant hair follicles taken from the chest, arms, legs and especially the nape areas to the area where there is hair deficiency.

Sapphire Percutaneous Technique

With the sapphire percutaneous technique, the roots are not planted in two-dimensional slits, but in three-dimensional channels opened with special sapphire-tipped devices produced from real sapphire, which is a very valuable mineral, and does not harm the tissue.

Sapphire hair transplantation technique provides an increase in the number of channels and a hair transplantation at two times more frequent intervals, thanks to the sapphire-tipped device used to open the slots where the hair follicles will be inserted, obtained from natural sapphire stone and which does not harm the skin tissue. With this technique, which provides natural results, an ideal appearance is created as the hair is planted at right angles and the hair is prevented from changing direction.

What are the advantages of sapphire hair transplantation?

  • An intensive hair transplantation is easier with the sapphire technique.
  • Since sapphire is a natural element, it causes less damage to the skin.
  • The recovery rate is much faster.
  • It gives more natural hair transplant results.
  • There is very little bleeding in the channels opened with the sapphire technique.
  • The risk of infection in sapphire hair transplantation is much lower.
  • This technique is much less painful.